A story of Grace....

Grace Pointe was founded over 50 years ago on two principles: to be true to the Bible and to communicate that truth to others in a way that is relevant and real. The church began as Naperville Bible Church, and was founded on July 24, 1964 in the home of one of its charter members. Beginning with just thirty-two adults, they quickly grew as people gathered in lawn chairs, old theater seats in a garage, and an old navy footlocker turned on one side with a piece of tapestry draped over it as a pulpit. In 1968, the church took a leap of faith and purchased the old Gregory home on the corner of Oleson and Maple Avenue. The home sat on five and a half acres with a horse stable and barn. There weren’t yet any full-time staff members, but the church continued to grow as they met in the house while Rutch Johnson (who’s widow still attends Grace Pointe) led the men of the church to convert the horse stable into a sanctuary. The year after, they added five classes up stairs and a large multi-purpose room downstairs. In 1972, Grace Pointe had grown and needed to build again and a new wing was added. Each pastor at Naperville Bible Church has been a blessing as they have followed Jesus in life and faith. The pastor with the longest tenure was John Bell, who led the church through several major changes, another building project, and a name change that more accurately reflected what the church represented in the community – a point of God’s grace through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Grace Pointe has two campuses with several hundred at each campus. Pastor Derek arrived in 2014 for a new phase in Grace Pointe’s history, continuing the legacy of faith and leadership that began in 1964. Grace Pointe continues to grow rapidly as people discover who God is, what it means to follow Him, and how to become a point of grace in the places we live, work and play.