Route 252 signifies that children are on a journey to know Christ and be transformed by Him. Luke 2:52 tells us, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” Our desire is that children will follow in Christ’s footsteps by growing physically, emotionally, and spiritually into men and women after God’s own heart. Our ministries are designed to help children develop an age-appropriate understanding of Christ through Route 252’s Core Values.


Route 252 envisions a world full of healthy local churches reaching children with the Gospel.


Route 252 exists to partner with parents to make as many children as much like Jesus Christ in the shortest time possible.

Core Values

  • I can read and understand the Bible and apply it to my life. (The Word is the Filter)

  • I can talk to God. (Pray at All Times)

  • I can love others because God loves me. (Love Shapes Character)

  • I can serve God inside and outside the church. (Go to Grow)

  • My parents and Route 252 leaders show me that God loves me. (Parents are Partners)

  • My Route 252 leaders care about me and want to help me grow. (Relationships Matter)

  • I can learn how to trust God in every event and relationship in my life. Every activity in Route 252 is designed to help me with this. (Intentional Influence Counts)