Baptism is one of the two acts of obedience (also known as ordinances) that the follower of Jesus does. It may not seem like a big deal – it’s just water, right? But it is actually a step of obedience; a radical declaration of allegiance to the world at large. Baptism is done by immersion (literally, the greek word “baptizo” means “to immerse). Jesus was immersed. And so that is why we practice this mode of baptism.

Baptism is also a conscious decision made by the individual to follow Jesus. It is, after all, a declaration to the world of the conscious choice one has made to receive the life only Jesus can offer. And so, we do not practice or believe in infant baptism because while that may be a cultural statement (or even a familial one), it is not a conscious statement being made by the individual themselves. This is called “believers baptism” and it was practiced by Jesus and in the early church.

Perhaps you’re interested in making this public declaration of faith. If so, we’d love to have a conversation with you! At our campus, we baptize at least one time per quarter. We offer a class on baptism as well. For more information on the next round, please contact Larry Jacob: or Linda Doran: for more information.