Women need safe places where they can find Biblically-sound support

Pillar 4: Social

Women benefit by regularly meeting together with other believers. Offer opportunities for Christian friendships to form and mature. 

Women’s Bible Study

Looking to dig deeper into God’s word with other women?

  Come and study I Samuel with Drue Price on Monday evenings

starting March 6th at 6pm.   Email lskinner@gracepointe.us to sign up

-Save the Date- October 21st

Devine Detox a GPN Women’s One Day Retreat!

Led by writer and workshop facilitator Wendy Holtz,

we will take a good, hard look at the distractions,

deterrents and deceptions that hinder our intimacy with God.

We will focus on “clean” daily living, faith nutrients,

toxic input, hidden sin,and enemy schemes

that prevent us from being spiritually healthy.

Please join us for a refreshing, and uplifting retreat day!