We are in the third year of a three year vision at Grace Pointe. In 2015, we worked on Stabilizing various aspects of our church. We asked God to deliver on some big miracles…and He did! In 2016, we worked on Solidifying our systems. Again, God has been faithful as we have been faithful. We’re on this amazing journey of stepping into Scriptures and seeing if He is true to His Word. Each step of the way, we’re discovering that God is absolutely truthful and reliable.

The third year is called, “Stretch.” In fact, we’re even stretching out the year! We’re taking January – August of 2017 to determine where God is calling us to Stretch. Here are the big elements of our Stretch year:

  1. Everyone serves somewhere (one big area) that we engage in passionately. The idea here is to stretch ourselves beyond serving half-way in several areas. Most churches do that either by necessity or choice. But we wondered…if everyone really prayed and invested in one area they believe God is calling them to actively invest in over the course of the year, which things would continue and which things would stop? In fact, we do believe that our church is constantly changing because as God grafts people into His community, they bring unique gifts to contribute to that Body.
  2. Everyone shares their faith. We’re learning how to best share what we’re passionate about. To be honest, it’s something we’re working on because…sharing can be intimidating! We don’t view others as projects or objects with whom to throw information at. So how do we share personally, relationally, but also in a way that keeps the Gospel message central? We’re taking our Stretch year to work on that. So we’ve created a website called “isharedmyfaith.com” to help folks write when they shared and what they shared. It’s a way of journaling, encouraging, and keeping one another accountable.
  3. Everyone encourages. The Bible is clear that church is to be a place where we’re encouraged in faith. Encouragement can sometimes look differently (sometimes, like cheerleading and other times like coaching), but we are meant to “build one another up.” So we’ve created a site called, “iwasencouraged.com” where folks can write in their story of who encouraged them and how. Notice that it’s not about how they did the encouraging, but how they were encouraged. In that way, nobody is tooting their own horns and it keeps things in the perspective of the receiver.
  4. We want to throw parties. Why throw a party? Two reasons: 1) to connect with others, and 2) to practice conversations with others. We think both of those things are harder and harder to do in a world that is increasingly “connected” virtually, but less connected socially.
  5. We’re going to practice giving above and beyond. A tithe is a minimum way to show God that all we have comes under His authority and that we support the expansion of His kingdom through His local church. An offering is giving above and beyond that for a specific reasons. We’ve got a ton of needs at Grace Pointe, and our Stretch year is a good time for us to tackle at least one of them.

Join us on our Journey! We’d love to be an encouragement to you and you to us as we become more like Jesus together.