[You clicked on “I’m Not Yet Passionate About Anything”]


We feel your pain. One of the most challenging things in life is finding what gets you excited about waking up. The truth is, the majority of people actually go through life passionate about very little. As Rich Mullins once sang, “They told me to follow my heart…but my heart just led me back to my chest.” Discovering where to serve is like picking out your favorite donut from a dozen. They all either look good or bad depending on how you feel that morning.

So maybe feeling isn’t the best place to start. What if the key to finding passion didn’t begin with how you feel but simply starting somewhere? We discover that it’s in the process of doing that we discover what we love to do (and by extension, what we don’t love to do). The key is to start. So how do we do that?

Here are four quick steps:

  1. Separate what you absolutely don’t want to do from what you’re lukewarm about.
  2. Look at the discover page for that area of service (click on button below) and/or talk with someone in that ministry.
  3. Pick something, even if you’re not wildly in love with it.
  4. Start serving.