These training videos can be watched sequentially or separately. Each is short so that you don’t have to spend hours in front of your computer. Got only 15 minutes to refresh yourself on sharing your faith? Find the one that’s right for you and click on it. But in general, they follow a sequence. Here, we’ve tried to provide that sequence (through a numbering system) and also the “blocks” of training with titles that occur before the colon (:). That will let you know which “class” in the “course” you’re taking, as well as, how many videos are in that “class.” Clear as mud? Okay…the other option is just to click on something and get started. 🙂

1.Introduction Video to Course/Training

2.Two Formulas: x+1

3.Two Formulas: IN/PQ


4.Natural Bridges: Intro Video

5.Natural Bridges: Passions

6.Natural Bridges: People

7.Natural Bridges: Places

8.Natural Bridges:Projects

9.Natural Bridges: Conclusion

10.Introduction: Sharing Your Story

11.Your Story: Before Jesus

12.Your Story: Jesus

13.Your Story: Because of Jesus

14.Introduction: His Story

15.His Story: Life Now in You

16.His Story: Life through Him Alone

17.His Story: Repentance

PDF FILE: Stories

18.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: Introduction

19.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: timing

20.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: kingdom

21.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: Proximity vs. Intimacy

22.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: control

23.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: movement/mission

24.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: speaking with authority

25.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: miracles vs. man

26.“Go To” Passage: Mark 1: conclusion

PDF FILE: Go To Passage



PDF FILE: Assumptions

(bad & good assumptions when sharing your faith)


Other resources: Becoming 1 (booklet, available in Johnson Commons) – revolves around Mark 1

                               Becoming 2 (booklet, available in Johnson Commons) – revolves around IMPACT, the process of spiritual maturity