We currently have two Grace Pointe campuses. As we continue to grow, we’ll add campuses and continue to plant churches. Currently, we’ve partnered with church planters to see new churches started in Guatemala and in Colombia. It’s our vision to meet people where they’re at, help them to follow Jesus, disciple them in faith, group them and then help them to be God’s healthy, local church on mission in their area!

Grace Pointe Naperville Church Gracepointe


Our main campus is our Naperville campus. By “main” we mean this is the original campus. Grace Pointe used to be called Naperville Bible Church, up until the turn of the century. At that point, we became Grace Pointe. But the heartbeat of our church has always centered around our four core values (though not always articulated that way) and around meeting people where they live, work, and play in our area. In other words, even at our very foundation, we were flexible in methodology, but deliberate in core convictions.

Grace Pointe Plainfield Church Gracepointe


Our first campus was into Plainfield. We began by meeting in a school and then purchased property in an area for future growth. The Plainfield campus is about 14 years old.