We were not made to do life alone. The first time God said that something was not good was when Adam was alone in the garden. By design, we were made for life together! Sadly, many people today live lives that are isolated from other people. This doesn’t mean they don’t gather with other people, it means they live lives without meaningful relational connection— we skim along the surface never getting deep enough to share real life together.

Life groups are intended to provide intentional space to move deeper. The goal is to do “life” together as we share life— joys, pains, and everything in between— with each other and help one another grow to be who God created and saved us to be.

Think of a Life Group as a close band of disciples. “Disciple” isn’t a word that we use very often today, but it is an important word for us. Simply put, a disciples is someone who follows Jesus and helps others to do the same. A Life Group is where we take the new life of Jesus in us and help each other to live it out!

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