At Grace Pointe, being on mission with God is in our DNA. We GO in order to GROW. The context of growth in God begins by being on mission with Him – wherever He leads.

Journeys are volunteer teams that travel locally, nationally and internationally with specific partners who are church planting (which is our vision). Those efforts are in various stages (some use platforms, some are still discovering their area and making inroads, others are in early stages of growth). Our role is to help them however we can, and various journeys support various aspects of those efforts.

Partners are organizations that Grace Pointe has a defined partnership with. By partnering with organizations, we can help in the expansion of the kingdom of God by supporting their specific vision and mission. None of our partnerships are forever. We have a defined start and stop time (generally 1-3 years), so that we can re-evaluate and either add or subtract according to where God is leading Grace Pointe to invest.

At Grace Pointe, we have three different types of partnerships – Discovery Partners, Associate Partners, and Global Partners. Here is a brief summary of the different natures of each relationship:

Discovery Partners are individuals or groups across the globe that Grace Pointe is curently exploring Glocal opportunities with. These are new relationships that allow us to experiment and encourage partners throughout the world.

Associate Partners are part of our Grace Pointe family and have had history with our community. As we move toward focusing on church-planting and making disciples in the shortest time possible, these are relationships that we are continuing to develop and invest into. They receive a monthly contribution to their sending agency and we work with them in their respective areas. The time or focus of the Associate Partners may not be directly related to church-planting, and they may be located geographically distant from their target. However, they have footprints toward church-planting, and we will evaluate how GP goals are in sync with theirs.

Global Partners are embedded in their cross-cultural cities and invest their lives through church-planting efforts in a foreign land. Their primary focus is to expand the Kingdom of God through church-planting efforts and investing in the discipleship of others in the most strategic and effective processes. Grace Pointe has made a covenant with our Global Partners to financially support them over a period of 3 years (2016-2018) and to partner with them in sharing our people, resources and commitment to prayer for their families and ministry.

We’ve got several trips coming up and would love for you to join us! Plainfield Missions Contact: Nancy Kreamer