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At Grace Pointe, being on mission with God is in our DNA. We GO in order to GROW. The context of growth in God begins by being on mission with Him – wherever He leads.

Journeys are volunteer teams that travel locally, nationally and internationally with specific partners who are church planting (which is our vision). Those efforts are in various stages (some use platforms, some are still discovering their area and making inroads, others are in early stages of growth). Our role is to help them however we can, and various journeys support various aspects of those efforts.

We Go Because:

Jesus Commands It

Jesus left us with a mission. He calls every believer to share the Good News of Christ with the world. This starts at home in our own Jerusalem. We also go out into those locales and people groups like us in our Judea.  Going also includes travelling father, into places  where the culture is different in our  Samaria. His call extends to the Ends of the Earth. Grace Pointe is committed to serving Jesus in this way by partnering with Church planters in each of these areas of our world. The Word of God is our filter and we begin all we do by filtering our actions through what the Bible says to us.
Matthew 28:18-20


We Go to Grow


Once we have become followers of Christ,His Word tells us that we need to continue to grow. Experiencing the work of God in the world challenges your faith. We go to serve but we come back as changed people. The experience of  serving Christ never leaves you the same. At Grace Pointe, we believe that growing is vital to our walk with Christ.We go because growing is so important.
Colossians 2:6


It Teaches us To Love Which Shapes Our Character

When we serve, God teaches us great things about love. In our travels, we gain a heart for the people of the world. Often our hearts are not moved by cultures that resemble our own because we have not experienced the other culture firsthand. Missions gives Christian men and women the opportunity to grow in love for the world and this love begins to shape the way we see others. God’s Word tells us that in all things we must display love as it holds everything together. Going helps us understand the world and gives us love for people unlike ever before.
Colossians 3:14


It Helps Us See Our Own Context In Perspective

Often we live our lives and begin to take things for granted. We grow used to our standard of living, our views on life, our Christianity and our place in the world. When we go, God uses the exposure we have to other places to help us put our own circumstances into perspective. We begin to see that we are only a small part of the great world God has created. We become thankful for the lives we have. Our understanding of the world around us begins to develop a better understanding of life here where we live, work and play.
Colossians 3:17





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